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The Creation of the Can Coolie

The Creation of the Can Coolie

We all remember the old style of bulky foam can holders, the ones designed to keep our beverages cold during a hot summer day. But when did they become so slim? When did they become such an advertising tool?  Well JH Specialty Inc. has done a little research to find out the answers to this question. 

Back in 1987 one of the larger coolie manufactures was looking for ways to make the coolie smaller for shipping reasons, the problem was they couldn’t they find a material that would keep the product cool. After several attempts with different types of fabric the research and development director was walking through the plant and stopped to talk to the shipping manager. as they were talking the research director noticed the shipping manager had a mesh style baseball cap on with foam like material on the front, this turned on another light bulb and that cap front became the first lightweight foldable can coolie or koozie as some people call them.

Jump ahead to 2011 and the innovative designs that now are available for advertising and custom marketing campaigns. JH Specialty Inc. in Ft Wayne Indiana is a leader in supplying  Can coolies and bottle coolies for a wide array of businesses and national entertainers who use the can coolie as a novelty item for sale in their merchandise table. Print one color or print full color images let your imagination go. 

So what started out as a baseball cap has ended up a can koozie that will wrap your message around a cool beverage and keep your image alive for years to come.