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So you think you're Different?

So you think you're Different?

Being different, or more precisely, having a point of differentiation that matters is one of the most critical marketing strategies for any business. Intentionally finding and communicating your point of difference is what sets the successful businesses apart from the rest.

Image via fontainemaketing.comEvery business needs a point of differentiation to be distinguished by. This is how customers make decisions. So if consumers are not given something that tells them you are uniquely suited to handle their needs, they will fall back to the only measurement of difference there is, price. Price is a terrible place to exclusively compete because there is always someone willing to go out of business faster than you.

Do you have a point of differentiation? To find out, try the "Sameness Test." Go to the website of your top five competitors, copy and paste the first paragraphs about their businesses onto a blank document. Now add the first paragraph from your site. Then black out any references made to company names and pass this around your office. See if anyone can pick out your paragraph from your competitors. My guess is the results will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

Use the results from this test as motivation to identify ways for your business to create an identity. Let the friendly staff at JH Specialty, Inc help. JH Specialty will help with corporate website development, developing a successful direct mail marketing campaign, creating custom promotional products like can coolies, promotional magnets, and custom printed playing cards, and much more to differentiate you from your competitors.

Set yourself apart from the competition. Let JH Specialty, help your business stand out.