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Show Off Your Desk Space

Show Off Your Desk Space

If you are going to spend 40 hours a week some place, it better be a place you like to be. From sitting desks to standing desks and other tools needed to get the job done, each person is encouraged to make their set-up reflect their working habits and personality. See if you can guess which JH employee sits at each desk.

Evan's workspace

My work area consists of a hybrid standing desk, Dell Ultrasharp 4K monitor, MacBook Pro with Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard, iPad Air with Apple Pencil, and plenty of notepads necessary for sketching, wireframing, and storyboarding. My desk is also equipped with a ping-pong paddle, a wall of stickers, and stress Play-doh. - Evan

Tim J's workspace

I've got a custom mechanical keyboard - it goes wherever I go with my MacBook! You'll find Spiderman graphics and seeing multiple computers at my desk is not uncommon. My kids also gift me with random items to decorate my space. - Tim J.

Abby's workspace

I wanted to have an environment that encouraged healthy habits, so I added items like focus vitamins, water supplements, and a bright “happy” light, along with many plants to bring all the feel-goods. A nice stack of books to be inspired by are nearby if I ever get bored. (Hasn’t happened yet in 3 years!) My standing desk mat is vital to round out the healthy workplace I’m always improving. - Abby

Eri's workspace

Clutter stresses me out so I like things on my desk to have a dedicated space. I also love to have plants, photos, and a bright light to cheer me up during rainy days. - Eri

Tim D. Desk Space

Hello and welcome to my desk world. First thing first: coffee! And then extra coffee, sometimes more. To ensure I don’t become lonely during the 4 minutes between meetings, I have a plant to keep me company. He’s not real, but he moves when I talk, so that’s nice. I regularly need hot sauce, so it must always be within reach, and I turn to the stress relievers after the coffee and hot sauce gets to be too much. Add in some good speakers for my standing desk and I have a nice little environment for my fake plant friend to live! - Tim D.

Jim Desk Space

I like to flip through catalogs, so I find myself surrounded with them. And my Diet Mountain Dew is never too far from my fingertips - keeps the energy going! - Jim (Lumpy)

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