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Saylor Products Launches New Website

Saylor Products Launches New Website

Saylor Technical Products had a website that got the job done. It was well optimized for organic search and had all the product information you needed, but it didn't have the best user experience. The top concern for Saylor was the lack of product organization and display of critical product information. 

The design team at JH Specialty took that concern to heart when designing a new website for Saylor Products.

The new website starts with a product-focused homepage. The first button you see directs the site visitor to Browse Products; followed by highlighting specific product categories with clear images so users can immediately dig into the category that they are looking to find.

Upon entering a product category, users can use the filters to quickly identify the product that will meet their needs. The product detail pages focus on the image and product name followed by any pertinent specs for the product and the ability to access a product datasheet for more information.

Any visitors ready to learn more about a product with pricing, samples or any other questions can complete the form located at the bottom of every page for easy access. 

Having a website that showcases your product information in an appropriate way is ideal in attracting new customers. If a visitor is confused or can't find the information they need, they'll move on to another site that will provide them with the information more quickly.

"We use JH Specialty because of their high level of expertise and knowledge in developing marketable ideas that get attention. Our website is a great way to be seen by our customer base and creating a new site with their team was a creative and enjoyable experience. We are excited to grow our online presence with this new website and highly recommend everyone at JH Specialty for any of your marketing needs." - Doug Mueller, General Manager at Saylor Technical Products

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Click here to visit the new Saylor Products site or visit Our Work to see other completed projects.