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Recap: B2B Marketing

Recap: B2B Marketing

What you missed from our Google Partners Connect event.

A few weeks ago JH Specialty hosted a Google Partners Connect event: B2B Marketing. If you weren't one of the lucky individuals to join us for the lunch and learn session, here are some highlights of what you missed.

The customer is in the driver's seat

  • 68% of buyers are digitally driven
  • Buyers conduct up to 12 searches before engaging with a brand
  • 80% of buyers are multi-screen users

How can you get involved when non-brand specific searches are happening? Start by getting to know your buyers and their searching habits online. Then allow for data to help you lead the way to success.

Data as the industry game-changer

  • Personalized targeting is key - focus on demographics, similar audiences and remarketing to narrow your funnel of potential buyers
  • Track engagement through conversions to find out what is working

Do you know what is happening on your landing pages once a buyer reaches your site? If not, how do you know what you are doing is working? Conversion and goal tracking is one of the most important aspects of marketing with Google. You should be using AdWords and Analytics to properly track a buyer's behavior on your site.

The next frontier is machine learning

  • 15% of searches each day on Google have never been asked before

How do you keep up? Let Google help! By setting up your keywords and ads to target broader areas, you can learn what people are search for and then adjust your strategy based on those results.

What about video?

The average buyer's age is increasingly younger - these younger buyers are more likely to engage with videos. When creating video content keep these hints in mind:

  • Create videos with information about your company when targeting keywords and buyers that are searching for your business. 
  • Use educational information in your videos when targeting keywords that show your buyer is still researching. 

At the end of the day, B2B marketing is hard. But don't let that you get you down! As a Google Partner we are here to help you along the way and stay on top of best practices when it comes to marketing with Google. 

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