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8 Simple Ways to Provide the Best Ecommerce Experience

8 Simple Ways to Provide the Best Ecommerce Experience

I love a good list style blog post, so get ready! Retailers are competing for the biggest piece of the ecommerce pie - our email inboxes tell that story well. But have we thought about what a top-notch customer experience in ecommerce looks like? Here are eight simple ways to provide the best ecommerce experience possible.

1. Your website must be mobile-friendly for the shopper. The typical shopper (70%) is shopping from a mobile device (iPhone or Android Phone).

2. Instant gratification: Show what you stock and if it’s available to pick up today. Millennials tend to research online before purchasing in a local store.

3. Shoppers like to see more items they “may like”. Related items advertised within a shopping experience can create curiosity and excitement to continue searching for more.

similar item suggestions

4. Social Connection - shoppers want to find you in the familiar places like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube - Make yourself and your deals available and keep them updated.

Social Connections

5. Make it easy for the customer to get in touch or to request support. Include multiple ways for them to contact you including email, phone and online form along with Google Maps for locations.

6. If you offer In-Store Pickup, this is your chance to shine. Let the shopper know their order is ready, within a couple of hours at the most, for a same-day pickup. Deliver a beautiful experience at the register and offer promotions for a return visit.

Pickup in store option

7. For your In-Store shoppers, make their life easier by making them aware that they can shop from your website. Signage, receipts, in-store tags, along with a friendly reminder from the cashier can be a few of many ways to remind them.

8. Last but not least: keep it consistent. If you offer a wonderful customer experience in store, make sure your commerce experience is the same from start to finish for your online shoppers.