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Promo Industry Focus: Finance / Home

Promo Industry Focus: Finance / Home

What's new and trending

Financial and insurance firms give away 91% of the promo products they order. Their promo product purchases are typically used for client gifts and self-promo giveaways. According to a 2018 study, 24% of the overall marketing budget is spent on promo products.

If you are in the home, financial or insurance industries, here are some ideas for your next promotional product purchase.


Pen Example

Now more than ever, financial institutions are encouraging their customers to keep the pen. We love pens with a stylus so they can be used on in-store touch screens!

For The Kids

Branded piggy bank

Keeping the kids entertained during a bank or home transaction can sometimes be half the battle. Branding piggy banks, crayons, pencils, stuffed animals and more could mean you have a customer for life.

Bundle It Up

Direct Mail Package Example

Combining printed pieces with promotional items allows you to inform your customer and offer them a gift to help remember your name. The opportunities are endless when it comes to customizing a direct mail package!