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Promo Highlights of 2023

Promo Highlights of 2023

As 2023 draws to a close, our promo division is taking a moment to express our gratitude to all our clients who entrusted us with their brands this year. It has been an incredible year, filled with creativity, collaboration, and successful partnerships. Join us as we highlight the favorite projects our dedicated account managers and project managers have had the pleasure of working on throughout 2023.

City of New Haven - Bamboo Etched Shot Glasses

I had the opportunity to help create bamboo-etched shot glasses for the City of New Haven. It was a different style of decoration and a unique product that we did as a gift to people who work for the City of New Haven. I enjoyed this project a lot because it was a fun opportunity and a unique product that you don’t see every day!

Bamboo Etched Shot Glass

Spherion “Orange Vault” – Counter Top Fridge

Our client sought a distinctive approach to kick off their new national campaign, prioritizing innovation and excitement for franchisees' investments. Our team quickly dove into the campaign details, crafting a unique product through collaboration with our creative team and a reliable supplier. This collaboration resulted in an exciting campaign launch that perfectly captured the innovative spirit our client desired.

Top Fridge Sample Photos

Orange Vault Top Fridge on End Table

Purdue University Fort Wayne - Admission Kits

The standout project for me this past year was the creation of custom kits for admitted students at Purdue University Fort Wayne. Recalling the excitement of receiving my own "you're admitted!" letter as a high school graduate, I was inspired and thrilled to contribute to brainstorming an experience that goes beyond the traditional. These custom kits that we helped create truly took that excitement to a new level that, in my opinion, is a game changer in the college decision-making process. Being a part of the product selection, design conceptualization, and overall execution was not only an amazing professional experience but also forged a personal connection as an alum of the University, truly bringing everything together in a full-circle moment.

Purdue University Admission Kits

Randstad - Custom Cornhole Boards

These cornhole boards served as rewards for a sales competition that ended in August. The client sought a unique, budget-friendly option suitable for outdoor use. We proposed personalized cornhole boards paired with a custom card, and these were drop shipped directly to each of the 30 individual winners. Both the client and the recipients were highly pleased with the prize!

Custom Cornhole Boards

Brunswick - Sherpa Blankets for Christmas Gifts

Holiday gifting time is always a fun time for me and my customers! I look forward to showing clients trending items and this year, these Sherpa Blankets were a huge hit with Brunswick. They ended up ordering these as their Christmas gifts for all their employees. Their logo looked amazing with the full-size-tone-on-tone imprint. I think all their employees are going to love and appreciate this gift which makes me feel grateful to get to do what I do every day.

Sherpa Blankets

Fort Wayne Fire Department – Custom Plaque

This project was my first opportunity to work on a large custom plaque. It is very cool to know that this plaque will be used to honor the Fort Wayne Fire Department.

Fire Department Plaque

Country Music Merch

Country music has always been a favorite of mine. When the opportunity to provide merch for a new country bar opening on Broadway in Nashville presented itself, I was more than excited! I was tasked with sourcing several items ranging from barware to baby items. I presented close to 100 items ( that has to be a record!), and even that didn't feel like enough. I was able to be creative in my choices for what seemed fitting for the artist I was working with. Of course, this project had its fair share of quick production times and overnight shipping, but needless to say, I was able to deliver on time and the bar was set with everything needed to put on a live concert for its opening day!

[ sorry no pictures to share for confidentiality reasons but we promise they were super cool products!]

Fort4Fitness – Stained Shirts

Turning a basic item into one that stands out was a focus for 2023 at JH Specialty! One of the most impactful ways this was accomplished was through Stain Imaging of t-shirts. Stain Imaging is a monochromatic image based, wash-like and dye-like all over printing alternative. This allows for full creativity and a very modern looking final product. All over stain-decorated garments can be left with the stain decoration only or printed over the top as Fort 4 Fitness did for two of their shirts this past year. Fort 4 Fitness was able to bring basic neon yellow & orange t-shirts to life with the all-over custom print that was very well received by event participants!

Folded Neon Fort 4 Fitness Shirts

Fort 4 Fitness Volunteers

Fort 4 Fitness Spring Cycle Participants

As we say goodbye to 2023, we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. We remain committed to elevating brands, enhancing creativity, and exceeding expectations. Thank you once again to all our clients for an amazing year. Here's to an even more spectacular 2024!