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Playlists for Work Tasks

Playlists for Work Tasks

Spotify Playlists Compiled by our Web Team

We voted, we collaborated, we compiled. Our Web Team is a very diverse and talented group of folks that wanted to share our musical tastes in a well-blended mashup of music for you, the listener. Enjoy, heart and share our playlists with the world.

Coding Hours

You know that zone where nothing can break your focus and time slows down while the world rushes by? Coding Hours was compiled for those times: when you really need to focus in on studying, coding, chilling, on-the-way-to-sleepville. We’ve got you.

Designing Hours

The mind is exploding with new possibilities and visions of the most eloquent art. Not there yet? Designing Hours was designed to get your creative juices flowing, while staying in touch with the current reality and beauty all around.

Friday Heat – Ready for the Weekend

The title says it all. Good moods abound and we are ready to take chances on a really good day…or few days. This is a good one to play at any time you feel the need for a little happiness boost.

Everyone’s Working from Home (Except for Me)

Feel like you’re on an island and you’re curious what your office mates might be listening to right now? This is the playlist. A wide variety of (mostly) upbeat tunes to keep the day going…even when you’re alone.

Monday Morning (aka Dark Mode)

Sometimes when we’ve had a really fun weekend, we want to come back to the office with some chill moods and chill tunes. Keep the lights off and let the natural light in, while we ease into the week with some slower favs in our office.