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The Pets of JH Specialty

The Pets of JH Specialty

"A Pet You Can Rely On"

Meet the pets of JH Specialty! While not all pets were photographed, some are just too shy for that, we have a lot of pet love in our office.

Pets Collage Wearing JH Specialty Scarf

Pets Collage Wearing JH Specialty Scarf

Pets Collage Wearing JH Specialty Scarf

Dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, turtles ... the list goes on. But they all have one thing in common, we welcome them into our homes as members of our family. To learn more about each pet and their human, visit our Facebook album

 According to the  American Pet Products Association 67% of households in America have a pet. Everyone from corporations to schools to real estate could benefit from branded pet promos. Here's a look at a few popular options.

1. Collars and Leashes

Sublimated Collar

Collars and leashes can be dye sublimated with your logo or a tagline to make your brand visible every day.

2. Bowls

Collapsible Pet Food Bowls

These collapsible bowls are perfect for food or water while out on long walks or a weekend adventure. Also available are fabric collapsible bowls or your standard plastic or metal options.

3. Bag Dispensers

Bag dispenser / flashlight combo

Cleaning up after you pet is important - don't be that guy who leaves unwelcome presents behind for unsuspecting neighbors. This multi-purpose bag dispenser and flashlight is sure to be appreciated by any dog owner.

4. Bandannas

Pet Bandanna

We can't show off all our adorable pets without mentioning pet bandannas. Everyone loves a good accessory, even your pet!

Next time you're considering a new promo item, think about branding a pet item!