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Ottenweller Launches Third Website with JH

Ottenweller Launches Third Website with JH

It's not often that we get the opportunity to design and develop a website for the same company more than twice. But after 25 years in business, it's happening more and more. 

Ottenweller Company Inc. first did a website with JH in 2004. Then in 2015, we had the pleasure of updating the design and making the site mobile responsive right before the company celebrated its 100th anniversary. As technology evolves, the site needed a refresh and some new back-end system support to stay relevant which led to the third version of this site which launched in December 2023.

The site from 2015 did a great job of showcasing the history of the company, sharing the capabilities offered and allowing for a robust employment application and HR process. All of those things didn't need to change, but behind the scenes, many technologies had advanced that needed to be updated. During this period PHP 5.6, MySQL 5.6, and Linux CentOS 6 were top-in-class technology offerings. 

Ottenweller new site 2023

The new site build would feature PHP 8.2, and MySQL 8, along with Linux CentOS 8.8. Which meant that the site would be more secure, wildly faster, and built to last for the future. All the behind-the-scenes technical components of a website are something our development and DevOps teams are concerned with, but that doesn't always mean a lot to the customer, especially the end user. When there's a problem (slow site, hacked site, etc) then everyone notices. 

Technical specs aside, the new site needed to do a better job showcasing the finished products they could produce and make hiring more front-and-center. 

"JH is extremely easy to work with. They are very engaged and care about the results that you are expecting. Not only did they deliver but the synergy they brought to my team was excellent. We are very pleased with the JH team and all their efforts." - David Hite, CIO at Ottenweller Company

Check out the site for yourself here. Or see our other completed work.