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Officially Partnered with Yelp

Officially Partnered with Yelp

Boost Your Yelp Business Account

What is Yelp? Yelp is a social review website that helps to connect consumers with local businesses. Consumers utilize the information about a business on Yelp in order to help facilitate their purchasing decision. When a company has a business user account on Yelp, they are able to connect with consumers, especially those who have written a review about your company. A business can also use the information in the reviews as data to show them what they are doing right or wrong.

What does this partnership mean for you? JH Specialty is now one of a handful of Yelp partner agencies nationwide. JH Specialty now has the ability to help your business successfully use paid advertising through Yelp. This partnership gives JH Specialty access to Yelp's data; which provides insightful information on individual markets to help businesses understand the advertising opportunity. JH Specialty also has access to the number of expected ad impressions, average CPC (cost-per-click), and the recommended budget for your business.

Not only does this partnership provide JH Specialty with insightful data, we now have dedicated support and training resources. This training extends from setting up a Yelp account to the best practices for handling both positive and negative reviews, and any questions you may have along the way. JH Specialty can also help to connect you to Yelp resources such as this article “Responding to Reviews.” This additional support will optimize the return on investment of your Yelp Paid Advertising Campaign.

Contact JH Specialty today to take advantage of their new partnership. It is a great time to give Yelp Paid Advertising a try!

JH & Yelp Partnership