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New Garrity Tool Company Website

New Garrity Tool Company Website

Matching Perception to Quality

Garrity Tool Company partnered with JH Specialty to revamp their logo and website design in order to match the online identity and perception with the true quality of GTC.

The new website design was built with user experience top of mind. The homepage is setup to draw attention to what GTC believes are the most important aspects of their company, their quality certifications, the pride they take in every product they product, and a call to action to connect motivated individuals to their team. The homepage also easily portrays the various industries that GTC specializes in. The navigation is very transparent and easy to use, it is clear where to find more information about their capabilities including machines, materials, or assembly. Additionally, the Contact Us page is always easily accessible to increase the connection with current or future partners or employees.

Garrity Tool Company was started in 1986 and has grown into a major supplier of machining and engineering services to various industries including: Defense, Aerospace, Biomedical, and Commercial. Although their capabilities have greatly increased, they have always maintained strict performance guidelines to preserve the highest level of customer service to every industry they serve. Garrity Tool Company is located in Indianapolis, Indiana; however, their parent company Ottenweller is located just down the road in Fort Wayne. 

Explore the new Garrity Tool Company online identity.