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Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Cool Factor or Function?

There is no doubt that the smart phone continues to get smarter, and there are less and less of your average flip phones being sold today.  A cell phone is used for much more than simply making phone calls today.  

I have had some great conversations with current and potential clients about mobile applications.  When done right mobile applications can create a tremendous amount of function, usability, and convenience on a small screen.  Above and beyond its use is the whole coolness factor to tell people you have a custom app.

Applications built for internal use to increase productivity is one bucket of cool ways a mobile device and mobile platforms can make complex processes, well, less complex with a simple mobile application.

Mobile applications for consumers is another bucket, and a complex bucket if you ask me.  I walk through the idea with the client on how they are going to judge the success of the mobile application we are going to build for them.

Is the success based on downloads?  The ability to use the coolness factor in advertising?  Create an actual sale from the mobile application?

The most successful mobile applications today are games, or functional tools for the consumer.  That is a tough market to compete with if you are trying to give away a mobile application that is going to show your live inventory to a potential buyer. 

It will be interesting to continue to watch the mobile devices continue to become more powerful.  With the increased power, introduces new ways to tap into that power. 

We are having fun discussing creative, and functional platforms for our clients.  We are building mobile web applications for the top mobile platforms.