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Magnets: A Promotional Tool

Magnets: A Promotional Tool

Once upon a time, the business card was king. As an identifier, as a trade tool, a way to get your business noticed. But that time is long gone. Modern competitive pressures demand something more, for example promotional magnets.

Let's face it; consumers today are bombarded with advertising and marketing messages from virtually every side. From billboards, TV, radio, print media, and the internet, people are constantly flooded with ads. As a result, most customers have learned to tune out just about all of it. It's tough for a business to break through the clutter in a way that gets their information in front of potential buyers. Promotional magnets are an effective way to do just that.

Promotional magnets offer a unique appeal, one that breaks through even to skeptical customers, who routinely reject most advertising. The key is that people actually appreciate the perceived value of promotional magnets independently of the message the business magnets carry. They offer something the user values.

The bottom line is magnets are a popular promotional product because they work. They're economical enough to give away, and are useful enough to get results and have your customers coming back. Promotional business magnets are a great way to give all businesses, large and small, the competitive advantage needed.

So, you've decided a promotional magnet is for you, or maybe your set on designing a business card magnet? JH Specialty, Inc., provides an inexpensive solution to all of your magnetic needs. Our magnets are professionally glazed with a laminated finish. Visit www.fourcolormagnets.com to get started designing your own promotional business magnets or get a free website quote. With the help of our four color printing process, there are an endless number of color options for your design. Upload your logo or artwork to personalize your magnets. You can also pick from numerous shapes and sizes, or customize your own. Leave a lasting impression on your customers with promotional business magnets.