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Kingdom Builders Launches New Website

Kingdom Builders Launches New Website

A Fresh Start

Good, beautiful, and true, were words that our team pulled out of our first design meeting with Mary Jo Parrish, Founder & CEO of Kingdom Builders. According to Mary Jo, these words perfectly encapsulated the new redesign.

“The final product is better than I could’ve imagined, it includes all the elements that are most important to us.”
- Mary Jo Parrish

The original Kingdom Builders website included a hard to navigate platform, and a style that didn’t totally reflect the words good, beautiful and true. Our new design gave a ground up rework of the navigation, making it much simpler to find what you are looking for on desktop and mobile.

Kingdom Builders Homepage

A Brand New Brand

While JH Specialty was working on the design of the new site, Kingdom Builders got all new branding. We incorporated their new styles and colors in unique ways throughout the site.

Colored Callout Cards on Home Page

Along with the new colors, fonts and style upgrades, we also implemented brand new photography into the site that reflect Good, Beautiful, and True. Photos were taken of a Kingdom Builder's event, and our team was able to get photos of the main location.

Kingdon Builder's Call to Action

A Lasting Relationship

Positive feedback is what any company strives for when working with a client. Here is what Mary Jo had to say about working with the team at JH Specialty:

“Men in general just don’t get it [Kingdom Builders.] I don’t feel heard when talking to them about [Kingdom Builders.] They try to tell me what I need, even when it doesn’t align with what I want. I experienced the exact opposite in working with JH Specialty. They really took the time to listen to me and understand what I was asking for.”
- Mary Jo Parrish

Check out the new Kingdom Builders website for yourself or click here to view other recently completed projects.