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The USSI Websites

The USSI Websites

Learn about the launch of 4 USSI websites

JH Specialty is excited to announce the launch of 4 new fully responsive websites for USSI. The 4 different websites include Ultra-USSI, Ultra-Hyperspike, Ultra-PTCS, and Ultra-FuelCells. When viewing these websites, it may become apparent that they are all very similar, a tactic used to show they are all stemming from the same high quality brand. However, all of the product lines provide unique products with very different capabilities. The initial site, Ultra-USSI, provides information about all 6 of the divisions of USSI, and the other three websites contain extensive information on that individual division, and the use and capabilities for all of their products.

Ultra Electronics USSI is an industry leader in the design, development, and production of advanced electronics, acoustics, fuel cells and integrated sensor systems. All of the divisions of USSI were developed to expand their expertise. These divisions include: ERAPSCO / Sonobuoy TechSystems, Udersea Products, HyperSpike, Fuel Cells, Protective & Tactical Communication Systems (PTCS), and Advanced Engineering.

To find out more information on Ultra Electronics USSI and their many divisions of expertise visit their 4 JH Specialty made websites here: www.ultra-ussi.comwww.ultra-fuelcells.comwww.ultra-ptcs.com, and