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North Wells Service Center Website

North Wells Service Center Website

Learn about the launch of the North Wells Service Center website

JH Specialty launched a new responsive website for North Wells Service Center. The goal of the website was to improve the online perception and identity of North Wells Service Center; after-all, perception is reality. 

To improve the user experience, and to safeguard against losing organic traffic from a mobile device after the Google Mobile Index update; North Wells Service Center decided to implement a responsive website. Additionally, the custom web design was developed for easier access to the information customers wanted the most. The homepage includes a click-to-call phone number and location extensions, to increase the communication from potential clients. Also, the services, past client reviews, and coupons are easily accessible. 

North Wells Service Center was started in 1958 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. As they have grown throughout the years, they have maintained their core competencies of providing honest, dependable repairs. Additionally, they pride themselves in assisting customers with understanding the absolutely necessary repairs, and prioritizing the repairs that can wait. 

Experience the increased usability of the North Wells Service Center website.