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JH Mini Golf Open

JH Mini Golf Open

Can you master the JH course?

Occasionally we bring the whole company together for some friendly competition and some fun at the same time. Enter this fall's event, JH Mini Golf Open.

  • 5 teams
  • 18 holes
  • 1 best dressed team
  • 1 winning team (lowest score)
  • A whole lot of fun!

Golf Themed JH Cupcakes

It's no secret that golf is a favorite past time for many JH employees, so why not bring the fun to everyone in a no-pressure miniature golf showdown? 18 creatively designed holes were set up around the building to challenge all of our teams. To start, every team made a canned food donation as their "green fees" and could choose to bring in baby items for an extra 2 stroke handicap for their team. All items were donated to area facilities.

Man Putting

Teams moved throughout the course trying their best to score a hole-in-one. From sending the ball down a set of stairs to looping through a paper spiral, each player had to complete every hole following any requirements for that hole. 

Man In Full Golf Attire

In the end, all teams gathered for food, drinks and to hear the announcement for prizes. Only a few strokes separated first and last place.

First Place (overall score of 258): JJ, Kelsey, Tim D. and Patrick (not pictured)

Mini Golf Open Winners

Best Dressed: Tyler, Stephanie, Craig and James

Best Dressed Mini Golf Contestants