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Best Places to Work Accolade

Best Places to Work Accolade

National Attention for 8th Year in a Row

Although, JH Specialty has always been a strong contender on Counselor Magazine's Best Places to Work, they do not take this award for granted. For the eighth year in a row, JH Specialty, Inc., a full-service marketing and communications firm based in Fort Wayne, has been included in Counselor Magazine's list of the "Best Places to Work." This year, JH Specialty ranks number 19 out of the 75 U.S. companies earning honors.

Since JH Specialty’s start back in the late ‘90s, the company has lived by the motto “Work Hard, Play Hard.” The “Play Hard” aspect of the company includes a bean bag chair video game room, fun events (including a bacon-themed chef challenge), and the allowance of a day every couple weeks that can be used for an outside project that piques the employees interest.

However, the laid back atmosphere at JH Specialty is not for everyone. That is why hiring is taken very seriously at JH Specialty. JH Specialty is determined that when an employee is hired, they will make sure the position is as good of a fit for the employee as it is for the company.

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