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Internet fine tuning "The Early Years"

Internet fine tuning "The Early Years"

Think about the first 20 years of the telephone or radio or television, those years are with us again with the way the internet is developing. The telephone had hundreds of operators routing all calls, the radio was only heard in a small area of town  and television was three networks broadcasting in Black and White from 6 in the morning to 12 midnight.

We truly are on the ground floor of what will not only be the way our world economy develops but the future of your company as well.

What is interesting about how any trend or innovative change takes place is the fact that there are no bad ideas; the spectrum is open to whatever your mind can process. 

Mobile Web Application Development seems to be the latest in keeping in touch with customers or making your customers life a little bit easier. Just when you thought that having a Corporate Website was enough, now you have to offer your services on the new smart phone technology.

Contact JH Specialty Inc. for a review of your online or website design to discuss how effectively it is impacting your company.  While you are meeting with JH Specialty let's also kick around what new innovative ideas you have for your company; and let's see how we can make it happen.

JH Specialty, Inc. designs direct mail marketing as a way to kick off your new and innovative World Wide Web ideas, so you see if you mix the old and learn from the new it adds up to some pretty good marketing savy.