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Insights on Hiring Top Sales Reps

Insights on Hiring Top Sales Reps

Jason Knothe provides tips for Counselor Magazine

Jason Knothe, COO was asked by Counselor Magazine to provide tips on how to hire top sales reps for their web exclusive news article, “7 Tips for Hiring Top Sales Reps.”

Jason’s first tip is about identifying adaptability. Instead of hiring a sales rep who rests on their reputation, JH Specialty looks for someone with good attitude and aptitude. It is important for a sales rep to stay up to date with on the industry. Additionally, employees are entrusted with the task of searching for ways to make the process easier and more efficient for everyone involved.

Jason’s second tip relates to applying a personality test during the hiring process. JH Specialty, utilizes the information about the motivators and behaviors from the personality test to customize the questions in the interview process. This helps the hiring team better understand how the candidate is wired, instead of relying solely on their resume.

Instead of hiring individuals, JH Specialty focuses on curating a professional family that can “Work Hard and Play Hard.”

Counselor Magazine produces content focused on leadership, management, business operations, industry news, and analysis of trends to the executive level distributors in the ad specialty industry. Read full article, Tips on hiring top sales reps.