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Your Guide to Wireless Headsets

Your Guide to Wireless Headsets

Holiday Gift Guide #3

Phone calls ... listening to music ... no problem! This third gift idea is a winner for a number of reasons. 

Wire Earbuds With JH Specialty Logo

Shall we count the ways we love the RADIUM X™ Wireless Headset?

  1. Bluetooth connect to any wireless compatible device
  2. Go up to 30 feet from said device and not lose sound quality
  3. Three silicone ear tips for the perfect fit (hey, ears are different sizes)
  4. Talk/Listen up to 9 hours
  5. Standby time is 150 hours
  6. Charges in 2 hours
  7. Controls for play/pause, toggle through tracks, accept calls and activate voice control (Siri and Google Now)
  8. Basically noise cancelling - the manufacturer doesn't make this claim, but multiple JH employees confirm these earbuds are like no other at blocking out noise!
  9. Large imprint area to show off your logo
  10. Customize the gift box with an imprint (even if you don't customize it, we think the sleek black box is nice on its own!)
  11. You can buy just ONE! Although unless you plan on just gifting yourself, we think you'll want to hand these out to everyone on your list this year.

Hopefully those 11 reasons get you excited about this gift idea!

Wire Earphones With JH Specialty Logo

Contact your Account Manager or email us for more details. Also, make sure to check out Holiday Guide idea #1 and #2 if you missed those earlier posts.