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Guide to Car Kits

Guide to Car Kits

Holiday Gift Idea #3

We have tipped over the half way point on this year's gift guides. Let's jump right in to idea number 3!

When was the last time you checked your emergency kit in your car? Do you even have one? A car safety kit to a great way to tell your customers or employees you care about them. When an unexpected flat occurs or little Billy gets a cut, you can guarantee your customer will think of you when they pull this kit out of their back seat or trunk. 

Emergency Car Kit

Kit includes:

  • jumper cables
  • gloves
  • tire gauge
  • ice scraper
  • flat head and Phillips head screw drivers
  • first aid kit
  • poncho
  • SOS banner
  • flashlight with 2 AA batteries
  • emergency cone

Back of kit package has reflective tape for additional roadside visibility. 

Minimum order quantity is 20 pieces, which is perfect for any office size. Also available with a single color logo imprint or full color transfer.

In case you missed it:

Next Monday is our final gift idea! We'll see you back here in 7 days to reveal our final gift guide.