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Device Search Independence

Device Search Independence

Google announces a separate index based on device

Whenever we talk to customers about search engine optimization and how to get the best placement it all starts with one simple statement.  "Google has always been in the business of providing their users the most relevant results".  So your job is to make sure that you do your part to help them connect users to your content.

While this is still true today, Google is taking another step at being the best, and looking at what device you are searching from.  They have announced they will have a completely independent result set for desktop and mobile users.

So what does this mean to small business?  This drops a match in the gasoline as we look at the mobile movement and who your end user is.  Is your website mobile friendly?  Google argues that it is more important to be mobile friendly than desktop friendly.  Sure today there are industries where this doesn't make sense, but how long will that be the case?

JH Specialty is proud to be a Google Certified Partner and we are here to help you and your business navigate through this everchanging landscape.

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