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Giddy Up and Grow... with Promo!

Giddy Up and Grow... with Promo!

At the end of March, we were fortunate enough to attend Spherion Staffing & Recruiting’s National Meeting in Fort Worth, Texas. Spherion is one of our clients and we provided all of the promotional products for the 4-day event. The National Meeting was a huge success and we are so grateful to have played a part in helping bring the event to life with promo!

With every event’s success comes a lot of hard work and dedication to ensure it all comes together the way it was envisioned to. So here’s a little behind the scenes breakdown of how detailed planning, collaboration, and dedicated teamwork truly aided in the overall success of this event.

Step 1: Event Location and Theme – Giddy Up & Grow!

Once we met with the client and found out this year’s National Meeting was going to be in Texas, we knew we had to present products to the client that were country themed. Spherion shared the event specific logo (see below) and we went to town on presenting product options that could incorporate the event logo in some way. We presented boot koozies, cowboy hats, custom sticker sheets, tote bags, t-shirts, pillows, leather coasters, rally towels, custom bandanas, and more! Pretty much anything country related or leather material, we included in our presentation.

Giddy up and grow 2023 Spherion national meeting logo

Step 2: Finalize Promo Products

Next step was sitting down with the client and presenting the product ideas that we had for the event. We created a digital presentation with images of all the items mocked up how we would imagine them looking for the event. This was where collaboration was imperative. This step was months in the process of communicating back and forth to ensure products chosen were within budget, were what the client was envisioning for the event, and that production times were achievable to ensure delivery on time. 

Spherion promo products

Step 3: Plan How to Utilize Products at Event

Once the client chose all the items they liked, then it was time to discuss how they wanted to utilize the products at the event. We received the schedule of events for each day and used that as a game plan to brainstorm ways to utilize the products in the best way. We decided the best way to utilize majority of the items was to put them in a welcome bag and have it ready for each person at the reception desk in the hotel when they checked in. Their welcome bags included a branded jute tote bag, custom cowboy hat, custom bandana, digitally printed t-shirt in their size, temporary tattoos, and a lanyard with a custom boot lapel pin on it as the bag “label”. Aside from the welcome bags, we also produced boot koozies to hand out at the bull riding event, backdrops for selfies and room separation, custom pillows for networking areas, several outdoor games, and all of the awards for their award ceremony.

Step 4: Fulfillment

We arrived to the hotel a day early to fulfill all of the welcome bags before attendees checked in the next morning. 

7 Hours Later

We completed all the lanyards and bags for all the attendees. While this wasn’t the most glamorous part of the event, it was still exciting to see the items start coming together before people arrived. 

Promo Bag SelfieOrganized Fulfillment Order

Step 5: See It All Come to Life in Real Time

This speaks for itself. Just seeing everything come together in real time and watching the attendees using their promo items and loving it – no words can explain that rewarding feeling.

Spherion 2023 National Meeting

Spherion 2023 National Meeting Outside

Spherion Cornhole Board

Spherion Promo Product Display

JH Promo Booth at the 2023 Spherion National Meeting

Step 6: Celebrate and Reflect

This event was truly so much fun to help plan. When you’re so focused on the details throughout the planning process, it’s easy to forget the purpose of the products that you’re ordering. Having the opportunity to be there in person and see all the hard work pay off was the best part.

The below video is a great snippet of the overall event and does a great job highlighting some of the promo items that we created. 

Overall, we had an incredible time planning and helping make this National Meeting a success. This event proved that promo products are powerful and truly will bring an event to the next level if you plan effectively, collaborate with those involved, and put in the hard work. Just don’t forget to play hard afterwards too!