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Our First 90 Days

Our First 90 Days

In January the Professional Services division added to the account management team for the first time in over 8 years. Marty Oehlhof, Senior Account Manager, and Zach Lear, Account Manager, joined JH with the goal of expanding our digital service offerings. 

Starting a new job isn't easy, there's a lot to learn. So we asked Marty and Zach to share about their first 90 days here at JH.

How did we handle the interview to onboarding?

Marty: The interview process was wonderful! It was warm, welcoming, efficient, effective, and a true reflection of the way JH goes about our day-to-day. It was a series of honest conversations to determine mutual fit of values, goals, and the "why". Those conversations were shared across various people/departments that I would be working with in this role. After the offer/acceptance stage things progressed in true JH form. A care package with a handwritten note, text here and there, and an intentional effort from them to let me know how excited they were I was joining the team.

Zach: For me the interview to hiring date was about 3 weeks. From the start of this, it was clear to see that family means everything at JH. I use to work alongside my wife everyday at her business, so this was a big change for our family and directly impacted her. The team asked and addressed what my wife's feelings, fears and concerns were about the job. That really meant a lot to me.

Zach and Marty Step Brothers Costume

How was your first 90 days at JH?

Marty: The first 90 days was a lot of learning - people, processes, and products. Our Division Director, Patrick, made the onboarding process as smooth as any I've experienced. The nearly 40-page binder was a comprehensive training plan from start to finish and made the goals of my first 90 days very clear. 

Zach: My first 90 days have flown by. I came into this position with little to no experience in the digital world, but Patrick's self-guided onboarding process has been fantastic and very educational. We collaborated every step of the way and made adjustments based off my learning curve. We even created a weekly golf game to track of the process, which makes it fun.

What were some key learnings or takeaways?

Marty: A few things stand out here. The culture is as advertised! People here are genuine and truly care about each other and our clients. From a pure business perspective my biggest takeaway is how much emphasis our process puts on finding good mutual fits with clients. Look, we aren't a small company, but we aren't publicly traded either. We need to be efficient with our resources and in turn we recognize most businesses do too. This effort thought provides fantastic results for our clients and relationships. By the time we get to "work" on a project both sides have clear expectations of the goals, the process to get there, and what success will look like.

Zach: JH's core value is "To make a positive impact and improve the quality of life through creative solutions and empathetic service." That's how we go to market, that's how we treat our co-workers and how we look at every problem. If you just do the right thing, you cannot be wrong. This is something I have always known, but seeing it lived out every day in your work environment just fuels growth.

What are you looking forward to in your first year here?

Marty: Getting to know everyone better - fellow employees, clients, and those I've yet to meet. In the digital world things change constantly so learning is always something I look forward to. I'd be lying if I didn't include the sweet JH gear and the team lunch in the warehouse around Thanksgiving. [The Keeper notes: By Thanksgiving we may outgrow the ability to celebrate inside JH together and may have to take our Thanksgiving off campus. You can check out last year's photo here.]

Zach: Being in the top 5% of promotional product distributors in the country, we get access to a lot of cool clothes, so I'm ready to upgrade the wardrobe. But beyond that I'm also really enjoying getting to reconnect with the community and I am looking to potentially join a new not-for-profit board.

Marty v Zach

Any advice for new hires?

Marty: Don't start a diet at the same time as you start your job at JH. There's a lot of team lunches heading your way. Bonus points if you come in knowing the menu at Black Canyon!

Zach: Be you! If the team at JH hires you, it's because the team thinks you will be a good fit. I would however caution you about taking home every JH branded cup they give you. I now have 13 pieces of JH drinkware!