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Don't Let Change & Perfection Hold You Back

Don't Let Change & Perfection Hold You Back

The Hardware Connection February Feature

John Henry authored an article in the February 2022 issue of Hardware Connection discussing how change and perfection paralysis can be difficult for a business owner.

The Hardware Connection February 2022 cover

Business owners are faced with big and small decisions regularly. Many of these decisions are related to change which can be uncomfortable. And sometimes, the fear of not being perfect with our output delays progress by days, weeks, and months. 

That data shows that consumers are shopping in a variety of ways and retailers have to be prepared to meet them where they are. Many concerns come up for store owners when considering a new solution for their customers shopping experience. Let's view an alternative opinion on these common concerns ...

Our inventory isn't accurate enough to publish. 

- Having 80% accurate is better than having nothing. Getting people in the store is the goal.

What if a customer sees/buys something online but we don't have it in store because our inventory was off? 

- This is a great opportunity for a discussion; offer an alternative product or credit the sale back with a coupon and apology. Focus on your personal customer service.

I don't want to overwhelm my team. 

- Consumers are checking stock before they visit, which may be making their jobs easier. Fulfilling a BOPIS order could be much easier than helping a customer when they walk in.

Curbside services don't get people in the store for additional impulse buys. 

- You may lose the first sale if you don't have a curbside option. Consider offering an incentive to come inside to pick up an order. 

Don't let perfection and change hold you back. Start taking steps in the right direction and get to the end goal through good and great stages.

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