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Direct Mail Integrated with Digital Marketing

Direct Mail Integrated with Digital Marketing

Everywhere you look social media, seo, and digital marketing is getting all the attention of marketing budgets.  There is no doubt that these techniques and digital space is probably the biggest area for most companies to grow their brand and business. 

JH Specialty continues to strive to be the best in digital and non-traditional marketing, however we still believe traditional marketing has its value.  That value is increased exponentially when tied directly to digital marketing.

Here is a great 'hypothetical business case' that utilizes many different mediums into one campaign.  In this simple campaign we will use:

  • Post Card
  • Business Card Magnet
  • Personalized URL (PURL)

The business wants to target a very specific target market.  JH Specialty and the client worked together to come up the Fort Wayne zip codes, household incomes, and if they were interested in sports (meaning they subscribe to a sports related magazine).

Once the list is purchased we will create a very attractive direct mail piece.  The piece was an oversize postcard with a business card magnet adhered to it (Post Card Magnet).  This particular product allows us to use variable or data driven printing on it.  On each magnet and post card we put a custom PURL for the recipient to visit to learn more about the business and the offer we sent them a post card on.

At the end of the day the business sent a very targeted group of people a post card that had relevance (design and message) to their likes (according to our list provider).  The post card continued its relevance with variable printing and presenting the recipient's name in the PURL.  The recipient had a leave behind (business card magnets) that hopefully is sitting on their refrigerator constantly reminding them of the business and offer. 

The client got real time statistics on how many people, and WHO visited their PURL websites.  With this information we can gauge the success of the campaign, and now we have an even more focused list of individuals who have shown interest.  

Traditional Marketing is not dead, but it sure works a lot better when integrated with Non-Traditional Marketing methods.