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My Experience as a Digital Marketing Intern

My Experience as a Digital Marketing Intern

A Post from Kaylee Wolford

Internships are a unique and special experience not many people get the opportunity of doing. Only 60.8% of internships are paid, with unpaid being the most common in the social services industry. JH Specialty stuck out to me when researching companies offering summer internships for a variety of reasons, but after checking out their website, they appeared to be a fun group to work with and offered a perfect workplace atmosphere. Amongst several companies I could have chosen for an internship, I am super glad I chose to pursue this company to gain digital marketing and social media experience. I am lucky enough to get paid throughout my experience and am blessed to be at JH Specialty, with an awesome team to work with.

Throughout my internship, I have been able to gain insight and training, along with several certifications from Google Analytics and HubSpot, create and manage social media content, represent big brands like YETI, Big Green Egg and Weber, and participate in monthly calls with experts at Facebook and Google!

If you are looking to pursue a digital marketing or social media marketing career, JH Specialty is the place to gain experience and look deeper into what this career path would be like. Here are some helpful hints and tips you can use when looking for a company to do a marketing internship with:

1. Research marketing agencies or businesses and gain insight on who specializes in the industry you are looking to pursue.

2. Reach out to the company contacts and introduce yourself. Lots of times you can find their information on LinkedIn or on their company website. This is also a good opportunity to let them know what you’re looking for in your internship.

* Note: It is important to have a backup plan in case one doesn’t work out.

3. Some companies will respond right away, if you haven’t heard back within a week, follow up with another email or phone call.

*Don’t be hesitant to send another email or place another phone call, it shows your tenacity and determination for that position.

4. Employers usually have a lot going on, so it’s a good reminder to always be polite, patient, and flexible during your internship.

5.Don’t be afraid to ask questions, it’s how we all learn new things. It also will teach you valuable insight that you can apply to similar situations.

Internships are excellent opportunities to learn new skills and make new connections. I highly recommend interning at JH Specialty if you are a college student or someone interested in learning more about digital marketing. JH Specialty has approximately 43 employees who are all welcoming and very easy to get along with. Everything I have learned during my internship, I will use in my future career path, whether it has to do with social media, or a different aspect of marketing. My internship had a very positive impact on my future career and college education. Hopefully, you have been able to pick up on a few of my tips. Best of luck in your pursuit of finding an internship!