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Custom Printed Playing Cards: Your Next Promotional Product

Custom Printed Playing Cards: Your Next Promotional Product

To most businesses, the need to repeatedly advertise indicates great cost. It also proposes a dilemma as to what advertising medium you'll chose to achieve maximum exposure.

Your choices are numerous and include advertising in the local newspaper, sending out postcards or direct mail pieces, television, online advertising, and eventually word of mouth. So what do you choose if you're not happy with or can't afford any of the above?Custom Printed Playing Cards

Enter custom printed playing cards. The beauty of playing cards is their acceptance by almost every person on the planet. Printed playing cards appeal to all generations. Think about it, how many times have you met someone that doesn't enjoy a deck of cards? 

Once in a household, a deck of cards can live forever and will certainly not get lost in the paper shuffle. The added benefit of advertising on playing cards is that you provide value to your customer and therefore minimize the stark reality of most advertising ending up in the garbage bin. Custom playing cards are the diamonds of promotional products, they last forever!

JH Specialty provides a cost-effective solution to buying custom printed playing cards. Our custom playing cards are printed with a four color printing process enabling an infinite number of color options. Modify the shape and size of your cards to customize your playing card designs in order to really make an impact. Contact JH Specialty Inc today, to customize playing cards for your business.