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Custom Playing Cards

Custom Playing Cards

A Powerful Marketing Medium

Custom printed playing cards used as advertising? Actually, yes! Playing cards are a fun, effective and unique way to promote your company, birthday party, wedding, or any special event.

Think about it, many companies use the typical pen, calendar, and mug to promote their business. When you come in with a new promotional product with a professional appearance and something your customers will actually enjoy using, the possibilities are endless.Custom Printed Playing Cards

Using JH Specialty to supply your custom printed playing cards allows you to customize the playing card designs. Customize the backs, the faces and the boxes to your exact specifications, allowing for maximum exposure of your company's logo and all of your products, existing and new.  

Custom playing cards are good to give in several different situations, for example:

1. Conventions
At conventions, everyone hands out the same old boring promotional pieces in hopes to get their company noticed. You get pens with the company's logo, the occasional bag with their logo, and maybe an exciting pad of paper. It doesn't make sense to give the same old promotional product that everyone else is using in hopes of getting noticed. Why not stand out, by using custom playing cards to promote your business?

When convention-goers head back to their hotel room, what better to do than play a game with one of your company's packs of printed playing cards? Everyone will want your promotional product meaning people will be happy to stop by your booth. This means your company gains maximum exposure.

2. Employees and Clients
Chances are that most of your clients and employees enjoy playing cards, whether by themselves or with friends. When you give them a pack of promotional playing cards, you will find that they are going to happily use them at their next gathering. This simple gesture allows your company's logo to be seen by numerous people, and your company will maintain a good place in their mind.

3. Company Events
Promotional playing cards are a good item to give out to people who attend company events, such as open houses. They can be given one to a family, one to a person, or even given out as door prizes. Everyone loves to win something, especially something they will use and enjoy.

Custom playing cards are a great item to use to promote your business or your products. They are in expensive, small, something that everyone likes, and they are something that will be used.

Custom printed playing cards are items that will help your company get the word out about the products or services your company provides. JH Specialty, Inc. will help your develop a great item to give out to everyone, for any occasion. When you are looking for an item that is going to give your company a lift, custom printed playing cards are the right promotional product for your company.