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Covert Industries Launches 2 Ecommerce Websites

Covert Industries Launches 2 Ecommerce Websites

The importance of a strong ecommerce website is more important than ever. With a steady drop in catalog driven sales, Covert Industries knew they needed to invest in an ecommerce website that would take them into the future. JH Specialty's ecommerce platform MOCE was the ideal fit for this project. The customization offered by MOCE meant Covert could have some of the same features they'd come to love about the back-end of their existing websites, but also the responsive front-end websites they (and their customers) desired.

Let's dive a bit deeper into what makes these two brands unique.

Magnetic Concepts Corp.

Magnetic Concepts offers a wide selection of magnetic whiteboards and accessories. They are also fortunate enough to work with many government entities that require special pricing for their buying group. JH Specialty was able to provide different customer types that allow these government users to see their special pricing upon logging in while the general public is none the wiser. 

Example of pricing options

Shelf Tag Supply

Shelf Tag Supply offers a large selection of warehouse signs and shelf tags for organizing your warehouse or supply area. With so many options on a single product, the challenge to organize the product information into a quick and easy format required a bit of design and development creativity.

Desktop view shows all options at once

The desktop view allows a user to see all options for the style they've selected in a single view, but the mobile view needed an extra step before allowing the customer to choose their desired item.

Making selections to find your part

Once a user has narrowed down their selection, they are only presented with the Part #s that match their selections.

Narrowing down the part options

"We knew we had to modernize our 15 year old non-mobile friendly website and aging order entry system and had been searching in vain for two years for a vendor that could accommodate our special requirements at a affordable price. In our third year at IRCE we met John Henry at the JH Specialty booth, the first booth we had stopped at, and everything clicked. We went live with our new integrated order entry/CMS/website in September without any major hiccups and are seeing increased activity and SEO gains. The people at JH Specialty have been wonderful to work with and, although technically an outside vendor, we truly feel that they are an extension of our team and aligned with our goals and values."

- Jim Covert, President

Check out the Shelf Tag Supply and Magnetic Concepts websites for yourself or visit Our Work to see other recently completed projects.