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Coolie Cube

Coolie Cube

Revolutionizing the Way to Buy Coolies
JH Specialty, Inc. develops Coolie Cube, a new website to display the hottest coolie products on the market.
The convenience of buying branded coolies has just gotten easier. The newly developed, Coolie Cube website streamlines the coolie buying process for customers. Customers can view the most popular coolies in a timely manner. The new site simplifies the ordering process making it much faster and easier to purchase the specialty coolie for any event.
The best and most inexpensive way to efficiently reach the intended target market is by using the already existing customer base. By using promotional products and giving them to customers that are already brand loyal, the customers do the advertising. The existing customers just became more loyal, are showing off the branded promotional product and are spreading positive word of mouth. It does not get better than that.
With the summer months looming on the horizon, the perfect summer promotional product to create a buzz is the can coolie. Bottle coolies are the perfect cornerstone to almost every summertime activity. Clients and consumers love the thoughtful gift and proudly carry the custom coolie everywhere from the little league games, to the beach, to the neighborhood barbeque.
Good marketing is about establishing a relationship with a customer. When companies take time to consider customers in their marketing mix, it pays off in far bigger returns.
Marketing is a vital part of business. It is important to understand that even with the most innovative product and state of the art graphics, if consumers have a hard time deciphering the marketing message, then it's all worthless. Business owners often make the mistake of trying to be so clever and innovative with marketing, it becomes impossible for potential consumers to understand the marketing.
By using promotional products and giving them to existing customers, the advertising is done in an inexpensive manner. Give consumers a promotional product such as a can coolie; the branded product goes on camping trips, to the beach, barbecues, athletic events, and more. This results in an increase in brand awareness for years to come, all for a small price upfront. The can koozie provides an endless return on investment. The addition of Coolie Cube means the beverage coolers are easier than ever to make them apart of your marketing mix. Coolie Cube provides the most popular coolies and puts them all in one place, to view and compare easily and efficiently.