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Business Card Magnets: Clear through the Clutter

Business Card Magnets: Clear through the Clutter

In a world that is overrun with advertising on nearly every surface and screen, consumers have become skilled at tuning out advertising messages. This creates a unique challenge for businesses to break through the clutter and get their message across. Many businesses, both large and small, are discovering the value of business card magnets as a way to reach their target audience.

Its a fact of life today that consumers are the targets of more advertising than ever before, via newspapers, direct mail, on TV, radio and the Internet. The vast majority gets ingnored, often tossed directly into the real or virtual wastebasket; however, promotional magnets still have an appeal that enables them to break through the clutter. Magnetic business cards have offer a preceived value that ordinary, paper business cards do not.

Magnets themselves add a usefullness to the recipent other than just providing your contact information. The recipient can also use them at their home or office to hold documents in place. Magnetic business cards offer value and sturdiness, making it difficult for people to simply toss it out. The problem with regular, paper business cards, is that they are easy to lose and dispose of. Stand out from the crowd and give your customer a business card magnet to ensure they keep your company in mind.

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