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Business Card Magnets

Business Card Magnets

Business cards are essentially the face of your brand. As such, they must accomplish something of value. Your business card must relay a message; it can be subliminal or perceived. If your card represents nothing of value, it's pointless to hand it out and even more pointless for your potential clients to keep. The business card magnet solves this problem in a variety of ways.
Business Card Magnet
Promotional magnets have always been one of the most practical items available. For generations magnets have been holding up shopping lists, recipes, coupons, homework assignment, report cards, and children's masterpieces on refrigerators everywhere. Can you think of a refrigerator or another appliance in someone's home or at the office that did not contain at least one, even inconspicuous magnet?

The primary function of business cards is to spark conversation and be memorable. The business card magnet is a way to stand out from the boring, ordinary, white business cards being circulated every day. A business card magnet helps you establish yourself in the mind of your potential customer and perk their interest.

Business card magnets give an impression of long lasting and wealth. If someone hands you a worn, creased business card that at one time was white, will you be very impressed? If their business card looks old and worn, maybe their business in out dated and worn too. Instead, if you hand your potential customers a business card magnet, you are giving off the message that you take care in what you do, you put the extra time in to making your magnet great and stand out. Your potential clients will think of you as up-to-date on all of the market trends and professional. In return those potential clients will be more likely to trust you with their business.

While ordinary business cards may get misplaced, business card magnets will find a lasting place on your clients' refrigerator or filing cabinet and definitely in your clients' mind.

Interested in creating a custom business magnet for your company? Contact JH Specialty, Inc. today and get started designing your own promotional magnet. Our artists will help you design a one-of-a-kind magnet to hand out to your potential clients that will surely get noticed.