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Show Stopping Results

Show Stopping Results

How Collaboration Helped Generate Leads

VOSS Automotive, Inc. was recently in need of a local marketing firm to assist them with an upcoming trade show, The Battery Show North America 2017, so we met with them to better understand their immediate needs and then proposed how we could bring value to their existing trade show marketing program. This show was quickly approaching and Taylor Feighner, VOSS’ Marketing Communications Specialist, needed a dependable staff that could assist her with strategy, design and multiple key promotional support items. Our team was up for the challenge so we worked closely with Taylor to carefully plot our strategy.

Our first step was to collaborate and devise a way to uniquely incorporate their current print marketing messaging, “Our departure from the beaten path means sustainable, quality products,” into their trade show marketing. We agreed that it was important to maintain continuity of their messaging, and decided to insert the text, “Taking the road less traveled …” into their display graphic. This became the booth header and functioned as an open-ended headline that would generate interest and encourage attendees to stop and inquire more about its meaning.

The booth and banner graphics needed to not only be attractive and engaging but also needed to be functional. We selected a pop-up display configuration that incorporated a unique wrap around feature and one that was extremely easy to assemble, set-up and use at the show.

“JH Specialty has been a great strategic partner, providing valuable insight to support VOSS’ marketing and branding needs. By balancing industry knowledge with creativity, they’ve helped us raise the bar in terms of our trade show efforts. They are a creative, accomplished and active extension of the VOSS marketing team, and I’m thrilled to be able to collaborate with them on a regular basis.” - Taylor Feighner Marketing Communications Specialist

We also worked closely with Taylor to select two unique promotional items for this show. A VOSS-branded USB drive and multi-tool wrench were both a big hit with those visiting the booth. The wrench was so desirable that many of the attendees made sure to line-up and request one for themselves.

Our overriding goal was that these individual efforts would work in concert to first, stop the attendees from walking past and then second, draw their attention into the booth. This strategy would give the VOSS sales team a window of opportunity to meet and engage with potential business contacts. During this three-day event, the VOSS sales team qualified approximately 50 business leads, and ended up identifying 20 solid leads.

Through our collaborative efforts, we were successful in providing VOSS Automotive, Inc., with an attractive and engaging display booth experience for The Battery Show.

JH Specialty encourages you to explore our efforts through our Portfolio.