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Facebook Lead Ads Explained

Facebook Lead Ads Explained

Generate more leads for your business

What’s the one thing every business could use more of?... New chairs? A New Copier?

While those may be true for your business, the answer I was looking for was LEADS! Regardless of the industry or product they are selling, every business can benefit from having more qualified leads.

Now there are a lot of ways your business can go about generating Leads – Direct Engagement, Networking, an Online SEM or SEO directed by a reputable agency (wink wink).

But one method that you may not be aware of comes from Facebook. And it’s called a Lead Ad. Facebook Lead Ads can deliver your business quality leads in an easy-to-use format so you and your team can seamlessly field and manage the new leads as they come in.

So, let’s take a closer look at Facebook Lead Ads and how they can help your business.

What Does a Facebook Lead Ad Do?

As the name suggests, a Facebook Lead Ad is an ad format designed to generate your company Leads.

The lead ad has many of the same features as a traditional Facebook Ad – You set your budget, start & end dates, targeted location & demographics, and create unique messaging and graphics to entice users to click on your ad. Where Lead Ads differentiate themselves is their ability to serve users a pre-made form that you create where users can fill in their contact information without leaving the Facebook platform.

As your potential customers fill out your lead form, the information populates directly on your Businesses Facebook page in a tab called ‘Lead Center’. You should see this tab appear shortly after you launch your first Lead Ad. From here you and other Page Admins can manage all your leads in one place, review their submitted information, and track progress with each lead so you are all on the same page (In-Progress, Interested, Converted etc.). You could even connect it to your CRM system for easier access to your newly generated leads.

Talking about the form itself, you can customize it with your logo and messaging, so it is cohesive with your overall brand. You have a selection of pre-filled questions that you can select from that give you the general contact information. But if you would need more detailed information or answers to specific questions, you can create your own questions in a variety of formats (Open ended, Bulleted Selection, Yes/No etc.)

Benefits of Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads can be a valuable tool in your arsenal for generating additional leads that you have direct control over! On top of having complete control of the spend, geographic targeting and demographic targeting, you get actionable information on potential clients that you and your team can act on. And thanks to the level of customization you have, you can tailor your Lead Ad to fit your specific campaign objective and goals.

Probably the most beneficial aspect of the Facebook Lead Ad is its ease of access for the end user. Facebook users who read your ad and click on your form can answer your questions in a couple of minutes without leaving Facebook. This provides minimal interruption for the end user and provides them a smooth and streamlined process. This makes it much more likely that they will complete the form, which means more leads for you!

Facebook Lead Ads are a great tool to leverage for products or services that have multiple steps in the buying process. For instances where multiple touch points are required in order to effectively sell your product or service, a Lead Ad may be preferred rather than sending users directly to your website. Letting users signify their interest by filling out a quick from lets you initiate a conversation quicker than sending them to the website and hoping that they find their way to the “Contact Us” page. Facebook Lead Ads give you the opportunity to start a meaningful conversation with potential customers in fewer steps!

How to Utilize Facebook Lead Ads

The degree of application of Facebook Lead Ads will depend on your specific business objectives and pain points that you are facing. These ads thrive in a situation where a direct follow up from your business is needed to progress the transaction process. Some examples could include:

  • A hiring ad for an open job position
  • Purchasing a car
  • Buying a custom product
  • Requesting a quote for a service

When back-and-forth between the business and the end consumer is required for the transaction to progress, a Facebook Lead Ad would be a perfect solution! Having the ability to connect with users early in the purchasing process can give you more leverage over the process and land more sales!

Interested in setting up a Lead Ad for your business? Let’s Talk!