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Environmentally Responsible Promo Products

Environmentally Responsible Promo Products

According to the 2019 Ad Impressions Study, 42% of consumers have a more favorable opinion of an advertiser if they received a promotional product that was environmentally friendly. In some states this number was as high as 58%.  

Nationwide favorability of environmentally friendly promo products.

If your company is interested in picking their next giveaway or gift while being environmentally conscious, consider one of these options.


Who hasn't heard of the plastic straw controversy sweeping the nation? Stand out from the crowd by handing out single use plastic straw alternatives. Stainless steel, paper, bamboo, and silicone are four different types of straws that can now be branded with your logo. Note: many times the container or bag that holds the straw is decorated with your logo to keep the inks used for imprint from being ingested by consumers. 

Branded Stainless Straw


Not just for the Farmer's Market any more! Many cities and even a few states have issued bans or imposed fees on plastic bags. That means even a simple trip to the grocery store requires you to BYOB (bring your own bag). The bags you can put your logo on come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Consider an insulated zippered tote or a compact, folding bag for your next giveaway.

Branded Folding Tote Bag

Produce Bags

Speaking of bags, let's talk produce bags. The promo industry has jumped on this trend as well! Your customers will think of you every time they fill up their reusable produce bag at the supermarket.

Branded Produce Bag

Water Bottles

A tried and true favorite! Everyone from kids to adults can use a water bottle. Leave the plastic bottles behind and gift your employees a reusable water bottle. Popular favorites include glass and aluminum. From name brand to budget conscious, there is an option to please everyone!

Branded Glass Water Bottles

Coffee To Go

How many branded coffee mugs have you seen around the office? Instead make sure your customers are seeing your brand no matter where they are drinking their coffee. A coffee tumbler or reusable to go cup will keep your branding front and center with the office's most popular beverage. 

Branded To Go Coffee Cup

You are most likely already buying branded promotional products for your employees or to give as gifts. Why not make your next purchase one that promotes environmental responsibility? It is sure to make you stand out from your competitors and keep your brand front and center of your customers.