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Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing

7 Tips for a Successful Campaign

A successful direct mail marketing campaign can quickly skyrocket business profits. That's why so many companies take advantage of direct mail marketing. The key to a successful campaign lies in your approach; proper planning goes a long way to creating a large investment.

Here are 10 tips you should consider when planning a successful direct mail marketing campaign.

1. Create a list.
Part of the direct mail marketing is knowing who your audience is and being able to target that audience with your direct mailers.

2. Add value.
The key is to give your audience a reason to keep your direct mail piece. Make your offer truly unique and provide great value to your customers without breaking the budget. Make the offer time-limited to maximize your return and measure the success of your campaign.

3. Create a professional appearance.
Having a great design that stands out and also works to reinforce your message is essential to direct-mail marketing success. Make sure your follow basic design rules, but don't be afraid to get creative. Not up to the creative challenge yourself? The creative graphic design team at JH Specialty, Inc. will design you the perfect direct mailer for your business and your audience.

4. Write effective copy.
Great promotional copy identifies with the target audience through features and benefits. You need to be able to tell your audience the benefit they will receive by purchasing your product or service. A call to action must motivate prospects which directly relates to your great offer.

5. Choose the right medium.
Will your target audience respond better to a business card magnet, promotional magnet, postcard, letter, greeting card, or brochure? Choosing the right medium for your message's delivery is as important as the message itself and pulling it off in a professional and creative manner is even more essential in helping your direct mailers stand out from the crowd.

6. Be the customer. 
Take a step back from your direct mail marketing efforts and approach them as your customers would. How would you react upon receiving this piece in the mail? Does the piece look credible and catch your eye? Is it too used car salesman? Don't try to oversell your product, customers pick up on the overselling and are often times turned off and will throw your mailer away, rendering it useless.

7. Follow up. 
This is another often ignored policy that can yield huge dividends. Following up with your customers can snag a large number of sales in a short amount of time. The more personal you are, the better. People love when they are recognized, they'll remember that warm-fuzzy feeling the next time they need your product or service and think of your company first.

JH Specialty is a top direct mail marketing company in Fort Wayne, Indiana. From conception and development, to finished product and measuring the success of your campaign, JH Specialty will take your concept and make it a reality. JH Specialty will help you create a successful direct mail marketing campaign for your business.