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7 Reasons Why It Is Great to Work at JH

7 Reasons Why It Is Great to Work at JH

There's More to Us than a Big Sign on Our Building

Founded in 1998, JH Specialty Inc. started as a one-man-band at a fraternity house in Bloomington, Indiana and has since grown to over 45 full-time employees and a large, blue JH sign on the side of our office in Fort Wayne. But there is more to us than just the big sign on the side of our building. We are serious about what makes JH a great place to work. We try to remind ourselves every day what we stand for, why we go to work every day, the foundation we are built on, and to put our best foot forward in everything we do.

So really, why is JH such a great place to work?

1. We Get to Live Our Core Value

“To make a positive impact and improve the quality of life through creative solutions and empathetic service.” What’s a more motivational way to wake up in the morning than knowing your goal for the day is to be creative and make an impact? Whether that be through digital solutions, promotional products, ecommerce solutions or a round of golf – we get to make a difference while being creative.

2. Our Employees Rock

Randy Newman’s song, “you’ve got a friend in me”, is quite literally the soundtrack to our office. It still amazes me the selflessness that is brought out within our team. Whether that be 10 of us coming together to complete a fulfillment order, when we know we have our own deadlines to hit. Or one of us needing help moving into our new home over the weekend. Every single time, our team will stop in their tracks to help another and that is something you just cannot teach.

3. Our Flexible Working Environment

If you aren’t up with the current trends – employees want to make money, but also have a social life/ spend time with their families. Luckily, here at JH, we “Live by The Golden Rule” - we treat each other the way we would want to be treated. Life gets messy and trying to crunch in doctor’s appointments, errands and your kid’s soccer practice in the 3 hours you have between the end of the day and bedtime only brings on unnecessary stress. So if you work at JH, you know that family and health comes first because when you are happy and healthy, the rest follows.

4. We Are Committed to Giving Back

I like to think we have an advantage here at JH because we are grown from a Fort Wayne native, John Henry. But it really is more than that. Our CEO is committed to being a vital contributor to the growth and support of our city. We are committed to performing company-wide services to give back to our community at least once every quarter. Want to help out the soup kitchen? Go for it! How about being on the BOD for a not-for-profit? Sure, how can we sponsor an event for them! Not only that, but our employees are paid while they are out volunteering without having to use their vacation time.

5. We Have Free Lunches

Shall I say more? Well – 26 Wednesdays out of the year we have lunch brought in from almost any restaurant that will cater, or Waiter on the Way will deliver. Yes – we are very serious about food around here.

6. We Keep Things Fun

I mean, does your company have frequent Friday socials where everyone leaves their desk around 3pm to gather for some good laughs and team bonding? What about quarterly events like Combat Ops, TinCaps games, food trucks and tailgates to name a few. More than that, we have multiple basketball hoops on doors in the office, soccer games streaming live on tv’s and “The Biggest Loser” challenges to work off all those free lunches. How do you expect anyone to want to stick around if there can’t be fun involved in what you do! We want our team to enjoy coming to work, at least most days.

7. Our Employees Believe So

Based on our 2022 Engagement Survey, 93% of our team members are proud to work here and 90% recommend JH as a great place to work. No only do we try to be better every day as a company, but we listen generously and hold ourselves accountable to our core value. Without our team, we wouldn’t be here today and that is something we never want to let fall out of our vision.

So if you're in the market for a career change, check out our open positions and be a part of the JH team!