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5 Reasons to Promote your company with a Magnet

5 Reasons to Promote your company with a Magnet

Custom business magnets are a great option for promoting your small or large business. Magnets are very cost effective and people love receiving them. Below are five reasons why businesses are making promotional magnets a larger part of their advertising campaign.

1. Long Lasting
     Unlike regular, paper business cards, magnetic business cards do not get crumpled or torn. Business magnets always look professional when handed to your potential customers. Your promotional magnet will be stuck to refrigerators, filing cabinets, and just about anything else, meaning your business will be saved and highly visible for a long time.

2. Stand Out
     In today's business world, differentiation is the key to success. Giving a customer a magnetic business card sets your company apart from the competition. Your customers are more likely to recall your interaction which means they will be more likely to call you first for their needs.

3. Paper Overload
     We are constantly in environments where paper is in excess. Think of your office, your kitchen, or home office. More often than not, there are papers lying around. Giving your customer a promotional magnet to stick to their refrigerator, filing cabinet, or computer, at home or at work ensures your company is not forgotten in the paper shuffle.

4. Cost Effective
     Business card magnets are highly cost effective, providing big bang for the buck. Companies using magnetic business cards and promotional magnet see greater return on their investment and increased business. A magnetic business card provides a priceless amount of exposure.

5. Close at Hand
     How much time do you spend looking for numbers of contacts or service companies? With a business card magnet, your contact information will be easily accessible to your customers. Your company will always be within eye sight, ensuring potential customers call you first.

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