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4 Business Lessons

4 Business Lessons

learned by playing Bejeweled

I used to think playing Bejeweled Blitz (that one-minute, gem-moving, maddening game that many of us have on our cell phones) was a complete waste of time. That is, until I started playing. Now I find myself reaching for my cell phone any chance I get.

The good news is I haven't found it a total waste of time. I have actually picked up a few tips from playing Bejeweled that can actually help in business. 

1.  A fresh perspective is good.   Bejeweled is all about a fresh perspective and sometimes, the best thing to do is blow up a portion of your puzzle to gain a new perspective. In business, stepping back and looking at the problem from a different is crucial to finding new leads, new strategies and innovative strategies. If your current marketing mix is losing its luster, maybe it's time to shake things up. Look into new markets, add a new marketing campaign, or redesign your website to better appeal to your target market.

2.  Time is precious.   We don't kill time, time kills us. In bejeweled, you have one minute to rack up as many points as possible. In business, we only have so many hours in the day and often our work load exceeds time. So we need, no, have to prioritize ruthlessly to make sure we're completing the most important tasks.

3.  Embrace change.   The scenario in bejeweled in constantly changing. Isn't that just like our lives? In business we have to adapt to the market, the economy and our customers. We can make plans and forecast all we want, but it doesn't mean it will come true. We have to adapt.

4.  Turn off the noise.   The music, or sound Bejeweled makes, including the throbbing sound when you're almost to the end of your minute, is too distracting. You'll be amazed if you "turn off your sound" how much you can get done in a more efficient manner. You have to turn off or tune out the distractions in order to be successful.