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2017 Adfed Award Results

2017 Adfed Award Results

A review of the hardware we brought home

The Fort Wayne chapter of the Advertising Federation of America (AdFed) holds an annual Advertising Honors recognition ceremony. Larry Davis, VP of Awards states “This event highlights the best agencies, freelance artists, and students in Northeast, Indiana. This year’s theme was “Day of the Deadline Masquerade.” Companies, Individuals, and Students submitted nearly 500 entries of their best work from 2016. Judging is always completed by creative leaders outside of Northeast Indiana to ensure a level and unbiased playing field.

JH Specialty was awarded with 8 different honors for various creative projects completed in 2016:

The Best of Show award went to:

Best of Show – Web “JH Specialty – Responsive Website”

The Gold awards went to:

Video Gaming: “JH Specialty - Play Placards

Online Advertising – Responsive Design: “LiquaLoc – Responsive Website

Online Advertising – B to C: “Sweeney Law Firm – Local Legal Representation

Online Advertising – Responsive Design: “JH Specialty – Responsive Website”

Online Advertising – B to B: “JH Specialty – Responsive Website”

The Silver awards went to:

Online Advertising – Responsive Design: “Waiter On the Way – Mobile Ordering Made Easy

Online Advertising – Responsive Design: “Sweeney Law Firm – Responsive Website”

JH Specialty, Inc. would like to congratulate all agencies, freelance artists, and students who were honored at the event. The awards are a prestigious event that promotes local talent, and encourages individuals in Fort Wayne to strive to be industry leaders. 

Eight Awards From 2017 From the AAF