JH at the Google Partner Summit02

JH at the Google Partner Summit

A recap of the exclusive Google Partners event

JH Specialty was invitated to attend this year’s Google Partners Summit in San Francisco. Only the digital agencies that push for innovative solutions, launch exciting campaigns for new clients, and help others grow their business on the web are invited. 900 of the brightest minds in digital marketing from all over the world gathered to share ideas and brainstorm ways to improve the digital experience and ROI for our clients. Google picking up the tab was a pretty nice perk as well.

JH Specialty Website02

JH Specialty Website

Learn about the launch of OUR website

JH Specialty launches a new company website. The time has come for us to practice what we preach. Take a look at what the new website (that you are on now) has to offer.

Device Search Independence 02

Device Search Independence

Google announces a separate index based on device

We all saw it coming but now it is official. Google has always been in the business of providing the best search results. Now they are looking at what device you are searching with.

Placards iPad Game02

Placards iPad Game

JH Team Launches Single Player Puzzle Game

Placards is a unique single-player puzzle experience that requires players to think both visually and strategically. Rearrange pixels on the screen by rotating or swapping to solve Placard puzzles.

LiquaLoc Website02

LiquaLoc Website

Learn about the launch of the LiquaLoc website

​JH Specialty launched a new responsive website for LiquaLoc Flexibles.

Titan Metal Worx 02

Titan Metal Worx

Learn about the launch of the Titan Metal Worx website

JH Specialty launched a new responsive website for Titan Metal Worx.

Showrooms Done Right02

Showrooms Done Right

JH featured as one of the best across the country

The showroom at JH Specialty gets national attention. Advantages recently set out to find the most stylish distributor showrooms in the U.S. Our goal was two-fold: to showcase these chic sites, and explain how they help companies appeal to customers.

Best Places to Work Award02

Best Places to Work Award

National Accolade for 9th Year in a Row

Once again JH Specialty is proud to be named one of Counselor Magazine's “Best Places to Work” in the promotional industry for the 9th year in a row. This year, JH Specialty ranks number 42 out of the 75 U.S. companies earning honors.

Sweeney Law Firm Website02

Sweeney Law Firm Website

Learn about the launch of the Sweeney Law Firm Website

JH Specialty is happy to announce the launch of a new responsive website for Sweeney Law Firm.

YLNI Board of Directors02

YLNI Board of Directors

Patrick Florea is appointed to YLNI Board

Patrick Florea is one of fifteen emerging leaders have been appointed to the Board of Directors of Young Leaders of Northeast Indiana (YLNI) in the role of Vice President, Fund Development.